Lightweight Glass

Greener Packaging Without Reduced Performance or Shelf Appeal

The last few years have seen some important advances in lightweight glass packaging, many premium products are now offered in lightweight containers while retaining their original performance characteristic and design appeal.

The practical advantages of lighter glass packaging are compelling. Container weight can be reduced by as much as 40%, leading to reduced shipping costs and the ability to market a ‘greener’ product through the reduced carbon footprint in shipping and production.

Advanced narrow neck press & blow production technology has proven its ability to reduce wall thickness without the loss of strength.

Glass Pack Solutions is one of the leading providers of lightweight glass packaging for a number of filling applications. We can supply both off-the-shelf and bespoke premium designed lightweight glass packaging that will achieve all of your packaging goals and requirements.

Benefits of lightweight glass

– Reduced transport costs (lighter, and more containers per pallet)

– No loss of performance

– Attractive to consumers, especially when green aspects are marketed

– Reduced production costs and CO2 emissions

– Increased productivity

Across several industries, studies have shown that even when consumers are told that the new bottles are lighter, they have trouble telling the difference based on design and performance.

Major beverage producers have already made the shift to lightweight glass packaging for their premium brands with extremely positive results. Coors Brewers have moved to lightweight glass for their iconic 300ml Grolsch bottles. The new bottles are 23% lighter, with no loss of container performance. Most importantly for a brand that depends on a premium branded packaging, there has been no measurable consumer backlash.