BrewDog release its beer recipes for free
March, 2016

BrewDog, Scotland's biggest proponent of craft beer, is giving away all of their recipes for 215 beers online for free, to encourage home brewing. This is all the beers that BrewDog has ever produced, and providing them to homebrewers and beer enthusiasts. 

This is indeed a huge coup for homebrewers, as they can aim to emulate the hoppy highs of the brewery's Punk IPA and other popular and sought after brews the company creates.

Detailed recipes of over 200 beers, from the original Punk IPA (now one of the best-selling craft beers in the UK) through to BrewDog’s newest headliner, Jet Black Heart, have been released to beer fans today.

The recipes have all been scaled down to home brew volumes, five gallons or 20 litres, to inspire and support the next wave of craft brewers.

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