Rapper Nicki Minaj launches fizzy wine brand in the UK MYX Fusions Moscato
January, 2015

American pop star Nicki Minaj is launching her new brand of fizzy wine, MYX Fusions Moscato, in the UK.

She is hoping to replicate the brand’s success in the US, where MYX Fusions is now the best-selling Moscato wine. Sales have grown 400pc in the past six months to $18m, with more than 7.5m of the eye-catching blue bottles sold.

Ms Minaj told The Telegraph: “We are extremely excited to be launching MYX Fusions Moscato in the UK and Ireland. It’s a fantastic product that’s taken the US by storm and I know people here will love it, too.”

The MYX Moscato is a 5.5pc ABV, sugary, sparkling white wine, combined with fruit juice. Launched in May 2013, it is made in California, unlike traditional Moscato varieties, which come from the Asti region in Italy.

Moscato became a hit with US consumers after featuring in a number of mainstream pop and rap songs three years ago.

Rappers are often credited with creating sales surges for their favourite tipples, such as Busta Rhymes and Courvoisier, and Jay Z and Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades champagne.

Moscato has been mentioned in songs by Kanye West, Drake and Lil’ Kim. Ms Minaj has frequently rapped about the drink, and MYX Fusions bottles have appeared in a number of her videos, most notably “Anaconda”, which has been viewed more than 360m times on YouTube.

Globally, Moscato is now more popular than Sauvigon Blanc, according to The Independent Wine Review.

Ms Minaj is working with former Foster's executive Peter Reaske to build up her brand across the world. “We are planning to target the female Millennial consumer,” he will say at the Heals’ Tottenham Court Road launch on Friday.

“We will be selling MYX through retail and in the on-trade live music and event venues.” The company will approach national retailers this month.

“MYX was researched extensively in Dublin, Belfast, Manchester and London,” added Mr Reaske. “In all groups the product was universally liked and the cobalt blue bottle impressed. Consumers are looking for an alternative to beer or wine in the US and the UK, and tastes are very similar across both markets.”

Rebecca Burn-Callander - Enterprise Editor The Telegraph